To the Olympic Family

Prezes PKOl - Andrzej Kraśnicki

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Olympic Family is made up of wonderful people – people who are enthusiast about sport and Olympism. It includes Olympians of all generations, athletes, sports associations, the Polish Olympians Association, the Sponsors and Partners of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Olympic Team, Olympic Regional Councils, Olympic Clubs, and Schools named after Polish Olympians. They are all an important part of this community of passion, commitment, universal values, and love of sport. The all play an important role in the development of the Olympic Movement in Poland.

Dear Olympic Family,

Thank you for your unflagging commitment to promoting Olympic values and ideals. Thank you for your social work and for sharing your knowledge and experience. I am honored to say that together we can build a Movement founded on respect, friendship, striving for perfection, and fair play, and on convincing others to respect Olympism as a way of life.

Dear Sponsors and Partners of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Olympic Team,

Without you and your support, we would not be able to ensure the participation of the Polish Olympic Team in the most important sports event in the world – an event that athletes wait for their entire lives. Nor would we be able to engage in Olympic education, hold exhibitions, publish books, or promote culture and sport for all. It is thanks to you and your commitment that we have been able to experience the intense emotion, and feel the struggle, national pride and sense of unity that sport and supporting Polish athletes kindle within us. Thank you for your invaluable assistance, your commitment, and your daily efforts. You have contributed to every Olympic medal won for Poland.

Yours sincerely and with Olympic greetings,

Andrzej Kraśnicki
President of the Polish Olympic Committee