The mission of GYM Generation is to encourage children to be physically active and to pass on good eating habits for life.

We are mothers who care about our children’s future. We are worried that the new digital generation is called the silent generation. They lack confidence, verbal communication, team games, and focus. They have lost interest in playing outdoors, running, and walking to school. We feel it is our duty to help them become more confident, curious about the world, patient, and athletic, so that their generation will have a huge advantage in the future. We know that the best way to teach young people about a healthy lifestyle is to give them good habits in childhood.

Would you like to come and work out, but are you worried about how your child is going to spend his or her time?
Then stop worrying. Take your child to GYM GENERATION

  • You won’t be bored!
  • First classes FREE OF CHARGE!
  • The same building (Olympic Center)!
  • You can train at ZDROFIT while your kid trains at Gym Generation!

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