The Polish Olympic Committee

The Polish Olympic Committee (POC) is an autonomous, nationwide association of sports federations and organizations. Its head office is in Warsaw. The POC independently sets its goals, draws up its action programs, defines its organizational structures, and adopts the rules and forms of carrying out its activities in accordance with its Statutes, the Olympic Charter, and International Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines. It organizes the participation of the Polish Olympic Team in the Olympic Games.

The POC spreads and promotes Olympic ideals, principles, and values. It tends to the development of qualified sport, promotes sport for everyone, fights doping, ​​and educates. It has the exclusive right to use, and authorize the use of, the Olympic symbols specified in the Olympic Charter, and the names “Olympic Games” and “Olympic Committee” in Poland.

The POC brings together people who value sport and uphold its highest values. It relies on the voluntary services and social work of its members.

The POC represents Polish sport in the following international organizations:


The International Olympic Committee (IOC)

The European Olympic Committees (EOC)

The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC)