“If you haven’t come here yet, then please do so as soon as you can. If you have, then please come again.”

The Polish Olympic Committee can be justifiably proud of its impressive modern art gallery. Galeria (-1) opened in 2006. This exceptional venue holds painting, graphics, sculpture and photography exhibitions, many of which are related to the world of sport. People associated with the worlds of sport and art come to Galeria (-1) vernissages. And there are quite a few Olympians among them. Galeria (-1) is a place where these two worlds, which have always inspired each other and lived in symbiosis, come together.



is a member of the POC Olympic Culture and Education Commission, and was one of the initiators behind Galeria (-1), she curates most of the exhibitions. Kama is a journalist who promotes sport and is the author of The Art of Investing in Art [Sztuka inwestowanie w sztukę], the album 101 Contemporary Polish Artists: Outstanding, Recognized, and Starting Out [101 polskich artystów współczesnych. Wybitnych, uznanych, debiutujących], and the POC albumGaleria (-1): Modern Art Exhibitions 2006-2016 [Galeria (-1) Wystawy sztuki współczesnej 2006-2016].


is the secretary of the POC Olympic Culture and Education Commission. She organizes exhibitions on behalf of the POC and records all exhibitions in the POC commemorative book. Magdalena was the direct coordinator of the POC album Galeria (-1) Modern Art Exhibitions 2006-2016, published to commemorate the ghallery’s tenth anniversary.


a former decathlete, Leszek is one of Poland’s leading sports photographers. He has won numerous prestigious competitions, was a gold medalist at the Olympic Art Contest in Moscow (1980), and was awarded the Olympic Laurel for lifetime achievement. Leszek is a member of the Olympic Culture and Education Commission. He is responsible for documenting Galeria (-1) exhibitions.

Magdalena Rejf – Manager, Curator, Secretary of the POC Olympic Culture and Education Commission:

The gallery is part of the Olympic Center – an architectural creation of Bogdan Kulczyński. Igor Mitoraj’s brilliantly sculpted Ikaro Alato invites us inside.

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Kama Zboralska – Curator

Galeria (-1) is a recognized modern art venue that is not only highly regarded by budding admirers of beauty, but also by the cognoscenti. It is common knowledge that it is not all that easy to attract renowned artists to a gallery that does not have an established reputation.

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Opening Hours: 9:00 – 20:00 Daily. Free Admission