EOC Unveils New Trophy for Piotr Nurowski Prize

The European Olympic Committees (EOC) unveiled today a new trophy for the Piotr Nurowski Prize (PNP), awarded to the best young European athlete of the year in both summer and winter sports.

The newly designed trophy is parallelepiped in shape and is made of beechwood and crystal.

The crystal symbolises purity while the beechwood, the most popular broadleaf in Europe, is well-known for its outstanding growth potential, which indeed distinguishes the “Best European Young Athletes.”

Eleonora Salerno, the Italian designer of the trophy, described its strong symbology as “the metaphor of athletes’ pure souls, who want to reach the most shining stars, by starting off from their own land, tree and roots.”

The new EOC icon combines land and stars, human and divine. It aims to be a tribute to the power of sport and the limitless opportunities for young athletes, who can achieve whatever they attempt.