Polish Olympic Committee in solidarity with Ukraine

The President of the Polish Olympic Committee, Andrzej Kraśnicki sent a letter to Sergey Bubka, the President of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee, in which he expressed solidarity with Ukraine and a declaration of readiness to support the Ukrainian nation, athletes and their relatives. “We are with you in this extremely difficult time and are ready to provide you with help” – wrote the President of the NOC of Poland.

„Poland and the Polish Olympic Committee fully support the Independence of your country and strongly condemn the attack on Ukraine and the breach of the Olympic rules and values. We are together with the entire Ukrainian community and send you the expressions of support, encouragement and solidarity. Moreover, we are ready to provide you with any assistance you need. Our doors are open to you” – emphasised Andrzej Kraśnicki.

The President of the Polish Olympic Committee assured Sergey Bubka of the readiness to cooperate and support. He also guaranteed that the NOC of Poland has been monitoring the ongoing situation in Ukraine and is ready to offer help to Ukrainian athletes, their family and friends.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the European Olympic Committees (EOC) also took their stands on the events in Ukraine.

Both the IOC and EOC condemned the breach of the Olympic Truce by the Russian government and called for peace and solidarity with the Ukrainian Olympic Community. The IOC expressed a deep concern about the safety of the Olympic Community in Ukraine. It has established a task force to closely monitor the situation and to coordinate humanitarian assistance to members of the Olympic Community in Ukraine where possible.

Furthermore, the International Olympic Committee appealed to all Sports Federations to postpone or cancel sports events organised in the Russian Federation or Belarus and not to display the flags and anthems of these countries.

NOC of Poland